Harpic 100% Limescale Remover

Harpic 100% Limescale Remover is the perfect solution for limescale sufferers, as it is the No.1 Limescale Remover*. Its powerful formula dissolves and eliminates all limescale, while simultaneously killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 100% Limescale Remover will leave your toilet free of limescale and smelling fresh.

Product Features

  • Eliminates 100% limescale
  • Kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses
  • Removes all stains
  • Freshens
  • *Source: Nielsen MAT (May 2012-May 2013) volume sales data

Available in Original fragrance.

1. Tightly squeeze pads on side of cap and unscrew. Replace cap tightly after use. Use undiluted. 2. Directly nozzle under the toilet bowl rim and squeeze bottle gently. Apply 100% Limescale Remover to entire bowl. To achieve the best cleaning result, leave 100% Limescale Remover to cling to the toilet bowl for 10 minutes. 3. With a toilet brush, thoroughly clean the entire bowl and then flush.

Product Code: 5011417539071